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Making a Difference

Effective planning begins with listening to each client’s concerns and objectives When a client-planner partnership is created, everyone is engaged in both the process and the outcome. The end result is not an off-the-shelf product but customized solutions and action plans.

The right planning with the right adviser can make all the difference.

At C-Phase Financial, advice is not focused on maximizing product sales and commissions, so a true partnership can be created between you – the client, and us – the advisers.

Although each client experience is different- here is the basic overview of our 5 step Process.

Our 5 Step Financial Planning Process




  • This is a casual meeting to explore the benefits of working together.  If each party finds value in working together, we will continue to the Discovery Step; which helps us determine how to best advise you.



  • Evaluate Current Financial Status (budget, savings, debt load, etc…)
  • Brainstorm, Discuss, and Record clear and attainable goals for client
  • Prioritize Goals
  • Plan a time for the Strategy Meeting



  • Outline and Revisit each itemized goal
  • Make Recommendations
  • Set a time for the Implementation Meeting



  • Outline the items addressed in the previous meetings
  • Revisit products being used to meet goals
  • Walk through and sign paperwork


Review & Revise

  • Create a Review Schedule for the client. This can be done on a quaterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

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